SunJoy Fabric Cleaner

Doekreiniger 324x272

 With the Sunjoy fabric cleaner almost every kind of fabric can be leaned thoroughly. SunJoy fabric cleaner removes algae, black stripes and other staining.



SunJoy  Profile Cleaner

Profielreiniger 324x272

With SunJoy profile cleaner almost every surface (also porous material) can be cleaned and degreased. For example the (coated) aluminum and plastic of roller shutters, awnings and window/door frames. SunJoy profile cleaner removes algae, depositions and black stripes.



SunJoy Maintenance Set

Compilatie 224x272

 This handy and complete set with maintenance products for all of your solar protection products consists of the most products shown above. This set is being delivered with a handy, closable.



SunJoy Scrubby

Scrubby 224x272

 With the scrubpads you can clean the fabric thoroughly. The scrubpads are available in 2 sizes. The scrubby (9.5x 15.5cm) is outstandingly suitable for spots that are hard to reach. The Superscrub (11.5 x x25.5 cm) is due to his measurments excellently suited for big surfaces.

SunJoy Fabric Waterproof

Doekwaterdicht 324x272

With SunJoy fabric waterproof almost every fabric can become completely waterproof. SunJoy fabric waterproof Dry is only suitable for dry fabric. Especially for wet fabric we have the SunJoy fabric waterproof Wet.



 SunJoy Profiele Wax

Profielwax 324x272

With SunJoy Profile Wax is each not porous surface for at least 5 month protected. Notably coated aluminum and plastic parts of roller shutters, awnings and door/window frames are outstandingly protected with the wax and it removes black stripes.



SunJoy Cleaning Cloth, Fabric Brush & Sponge

Poetsdoek 224x272The SunJoy cleaning cloths are made from microfibers and are easy to wash after use. The fabric brush can be used with the fabric cleaner and the SunJoy sponge with the profile wax.




SunJoy Wash-Set

Steel 224x272

The SunJoy Wash-set consist of a rod (154cm) with flexible hitch with a pad (11.5 x 25cm). Thereby it is to use on spots that are hard to reach: For example in the middle of a fabric on the veranda- or pergola awning or folding arm awnings.