Solidare Pergola

Solidare Pergola

The Solidare Pergola is a characteristic source of shade which gives you control over the factors that make the outdoor life so pleasant.
Due to the supporting legs this awning is also very suitable for houses and locations with weak walls. The Solidare Pergola is using the zip technique that is well known from our SolidScreen line. With this the fabric sits tight in the Solidare Pergola awning. No more sagging or hanging fabrics!


• Unique spring construction for the ideal fabric tensions
• Solidare is equipped with zip technique
• No light intrusion betweek the fabric and the guide
• Variable inclination angle
• Suitable awning for weak walls

Technical Specifications

Maximum Width600cm
Maximum Projection500cm
Maximum Fabric Surface30m2
Standard Colours9010-9001-7016 structured
FabricTibelly Collection