SolidScreen Niche XS

The SolidScreen Niche differs in the way of installation. If a new building is constructed and sunprotection is thought about the SolidScreen Niche is ideal to place, but it is also possible to install the SolidScreen Niche when your house is already done. The casing of the SolidScreen Niche will be placed in the niche or box section, the casing will not be visible from the outside anymore.
That way the front keeps its strapping charisma, no matter if the screen is open or closed. This screen is built in a niche or box section and comes with the extra small guides of the XS screen. Also the casing is about 13 mm less deep than the one of the SolidScreen Niche. In case of a repair or if the fabric has to be changed the casing and also the guides, which consists of 3 parts, are easily dismounted to execute the needed actions.


• Screen comes with zip technology
• Installed in niche or box section
• Casing is 13 mm less deep than the SolidScreen Niche
• Extra small guides made of 3 parts
• Shaft and fabric easily dismounted on the bottom side
• Easy to assemble
• Windproof up to 145km/h

Technical Specifications


Casing Size110
Maximum Sizes ( Wx H)400cm x 300cm
Standard ColoursAluminium - 9010-9001-7016
FabricSoltis, Screen Fabric