SolidScreen XL

The SolidScreen XL stands out, like the name already suggests, due to his available extraordinary measurements. By the special compilation of reinforced material it is possible to realize the SolidScreen XL up to 6m width or 6m height. Thereby it is possible to cover a very big surface with a professional vertical sunprotection. The SolidScreen XL goes beyond where other screens have to stop and can be called a grande shadowbringer with all rights. The SolidScreen XL is available in measurments of 6 x 3 meter or 3 x 6 meter where you still keep all the advantages of a SolidScreen.


• Screen comes with zip technology
• Windproof up to 145 km/h
• Big height or width till up to 6m
• Maximum fabric surface 18m2
• Double bearing bung for stability and lifetime
• Heat and light blocking

Technical Specifications


Casing Sizes150
Maximum Sizes600cm x 300cm and 300cm x 600cm
Standard Colours Aluminium - 9010- 9001-7016 structured
FabricSoltis, Screen fabric