Terrace Roofing Capella/Piazza

The Capella

With a terrace roofing you can enjoy the entire year of the outdoor life. From the first sunrays on, but also when it is raining. You don’t have to carry your precious garden furniture and pillows around anymore. Your “outdoor-room” is always ready.
The Capella has a stylish look due to the beautiful rounded aluminum profiles. There are also no ugly screws to see. For the roof plates you can chose from glass or plastic.
With plates made of glass, made from safety glass you create a luxurious charisma with more daylight.

De Capella


• Each time of the year you can enjoy the outdoor life
• Additionally to plastic plates also glass roof plates available
• Option for lighting in the support beam for extra atmosphere
• Can be expanded with vertical blinds (SolidScreen)
• Possibility for placing sun lounge awnings

Technical Specifications

Maximum Width700cm
Maximum Projection400cm
Roof Angle5 to 12 Degrees
Standard Colours9010-9001-7016 structured
RoofplatesPolucarbonate and glass