Terrace Roofing Castor/Stanza 2


With a terrace roofing you can enjoy the entire year of the outdoor life. Starting with the first sunrays but also when it is raining. You don’t have to carry your precious garden furniture and pillows around anymore. Your “outdoor-room” is always ready.
The Castor is stylish, budget friendly and can only be delivered with polycarbonate plates. The castor has a tight design. Even the rain water drainage is invisible, it runs down through the legs of the Castor.
If you are looking for a roofing that is equipped with glass our Capella might be what you are looking for.


• Enjoy each time of the year the outdoor life
• Variable inclination angle
• Option for lighting in the support beam
• Expandable with vertical sunscreen (SolidScreen)
• Possibility to set up a sun lounge awning

Technical Specifications

Maximum Width600cm
Maximum Projection350cm
Roof Angle6 to 15 Degrees
Standard Colours9001-7016 structure