Glue and Secure

Chemical anchor

Chemische Anker 224x272

Chemical anchor is a ready to use 2 component plaster for each type of tensionless anchor type in as well dry as wet materials. The product can be used with help of a standard tube gun.




Super High Tack construction-paste

High Tack 224x272

Super High Tack is a durable, elastic, direct and excellent adhesive, fast hardening and high starting sticking-power owning MS-polymer glue. Especially suited for quick glueing of any materials. 




MS-500 multi super

Ms500 224x272

CTN MS-500 is a multispray which works perfectly for greasing, protecting, rust dissolving, moist displacing and more. Very suitable for sunprotection products (no stains on the fabric).



High Tef 80 grease

High Tef 224x272

CTN High Tef 80 is a grease based on PTFE. It prevents abrasions and reduces lubrication intervals due to its long-lasting, striking lubrication performances which also makes it very cost efficient. 



Tape and degreaser

Moulding Tape

Moulding Tape 224x272

Moulding Tape is a two-sided sticky tape based on rubber. The special glue layer is activated by pressing on it. The advantage lies in the time this gives to position the part again, if it should have shifted.



Seal Remover

Seal Remover

Easy to apply. Ideal for removing glue, kit and chewing gum residues. Evaporates fast without leaving residues. Does not attack lacquer and most plastics. Degreaser for Glue and kit applications.



Drills and Drill oil

Drill set

Borenset 224x272

Drill set 19 parts HSS sanded DIN338




Cutting oil

Cutting Oil 224x272

Very high quality cutting oil. Can under normal conditions be used for almost all drills, tap and cutting works.


Technical information chemical anchor 

- Especially suited for heavy fixation
- For cracked and not cracked concrete
- Tensionfree construction in concrete and natural stone.
- Tremble steady solution
- Ideal for every type of fixation
- Wet grounds
- fast load period



Technical information Super High Tack

- Especially suited for heavy fixation
- Tensionfree construction in concrete and natural stone
- Tremble steady solution
- Ideal for each type of fixation
- Wet grounds
- Fast load period
- Can be sanded and painted after hardening




 Technical information MS-500 multi super

- High quality product on a basis of oils, additives and solvents
- Has a conserving effect and counters abbrasion
- Waterproof and does not affect coating
- Error currents and short-Cicuits are avoided
- Makes plastic look like new
- Holds rust off and loosens seized up parts
- Free of silicones



Technical information High Tef 80

- Does not dry out, melt or freeze and has water reppellent properties
- Strong penetrating abilities, even into rust
- does not affect plastics, metals or rubber
- High Tef 80 is neutral, protective and resistant to corrosion





Technical information Moulding tape

- Durable against fuel, diesel oil and light chemicals
- Due to the closed cellular structure the product does not take in moisture and will not break due to freezing
- Moulding tape HS absorbs due to its composition and adhesion uneven coefficients of expansion perfectly



Technical information Seal Remover

- Easy to apply
- Ideal for removing glue, kit and chewing gum remains
- Evaporates quickly without leaving residues.
- does not attack finishes and most plastics
- Degreaser for glue and kit applications




Technical Information Drill set

- HSS geslepen DIN338




Technical information Cutting oil

- reduces Heat and gives a nice completed surface
- Prolongs lifetime of your cutting tools
- Also usuable for stainless steel and other metals