Windproof screen

The blowing up of the screen is to be avoided by with the optional windproof system (for Screen 95 is skewed or rounded) With this ingenious system the bottom slat cannot blow up and rattle anymore.
With this the system is outstandingly suited for windows on big heights or for in the wind standing fronts. The windproof system can be used for automated as well as manual operated screens.


  • Light-transmissive and view to the outside
  • big variety of casing sizes
  • Filters incident light 
  • Heat and light repelling
  • Springsystem for stable bottom slat
  • Suitable for installing in big heights

Technical specifications


CasingSkewed and rounded
Casing Sizes95
Maximum Sizes (w x h)

300cm x 200cm and

200cm x 250cm

Standard ColoursAluminium - 9010 - 9001 - 7016 - 7016 structured
FabricSoltis, Screenfabric