The Solidscreen XS

The SolidScreen XS differs due to his zip guiding in various points from other screens. Not only is the screen completely windproof in every position, but if closed all the way it holds off insects too.
De SolidScreen offers many advantages due to its zip guiding. With this ingenious guiding system the fabric will be locked in between the side guides.
The guides are extra small (35mm) in the SolidScreen XS model and because of that the SolidScreen XS can be installed face fitting and recess fitting. This makes the screen a popular choice for architects and bigger projects.
Since the beginning of 2017 the SolidScreen XS is also available with small guides and the matching cover profiles for an even nicer finish.

Specific features:

• Screen comes with zip technology
• Windproof up to 145 km/h
• View to the outside is still possible
• Heat and light blocking
• Extra small guides

Technical Specifications


CasingSkewed. Straight. Rounded
Casing Sizes75, 85, 95 and 105
Maximum sizes (w x h)400cm x 300cm and 300cm x 350cm
Standard coloursAluminum -9010- 9001- 7016- 7016 structured
FabricSoltis, Screenfabric
Coupleable yes